Thrive Church has always had a desire to be a church that's not just "in" our community, but actually "for" our community. The Shoe Project is one expression of that dream!


The Shoe Project

The Shoe Project exists to present kids with the gift of a brand new pair of shoes.

Yes, it's that simple! But, it is extremely powerful! Since it's beginning in 2015, 2,200 pairs of shoes have been given to kids right in their elementary schools. And, when we started, we wanted to make sure kids got a nice pair of shoes that would last and that's what they get! You would be absolutely shocked to find out how many of those students received their first brand new pair of shoes through the Shoe Project. It's truly humbling to hear a 3rd grader thank you over and over for their first brand new pair of shoes!

That's why we do this! With your help, we can partner with more schools,
and that means more students will be blessed with a brand new pair of shoes. Just imagine the relief and practical help that will bring families all over Central Michigan!

Here's how it works:

Thrive Church started the Shoe Project in 2016 and has raised over $60,000 to date that has been used to bless kids at five elementary schools. Ganiard Elementary (Mt Pleasant), Shepherd Elementary (Shepherd, MI), Winn Elementary (Winn, MI), Hillside Elementary (Harrison, MI) and Montabella Elementary (Blanchard, MI).

In the years to come, we would love to continue helping thousands of students all over Central Michigan!

Our process is simple. We approach the schools and ask them if they would like the Shoe Project to come to their school. They agree, and then parents are asked if they would like their children to receive a brand new pair of shoes. After we tally all the responses, we place an order with a great shoe distribution company that has worked out an amazing deal with Adidas shoes. Each brand new pair costs us approximately $35 dollars, including shipping and a brand new pair of socks. Then, we schedule a day to drop off the shoes. We make it special as possible! We celebrate the students and thank them for being so awesome!

Here's some feedback from students and administrators:

Thank you for the new shoes! I can run now and not have my feet hurt me when I’m done running!
— Caleb, 3rd Grade
The shoe donation was the biggest example of community service and paying it forward that I have ever seen. It touched our lives in the most amazing way...
— Marcy, Administrator
Your shoes help me run faster and jump higher!
— Sam, 1st Grade
Thank you so much for the shoes. I like them a lot. Now my parents don’t have to worry about buying them.
— Hunter, 4th Grade
Thank you for the new AWESOME shoes. I’m very grateful for the new shoes because my old ones were falling apart and very dirty. Thank you again.
— Lily, 5th Grade

Would you consider partnering with us financially to keep The Shoe Project moving forward, blessing more and more students in Central Michigan? Click on the GIVE link to donate today!

Thank you so much for your considered partnership with The Shoe Project! If you, your company, or organization would like to help or has more questions, please do not hesitate to email or call (989) 572-0439.