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Ministry Fund

When you give, you support Thrive's mission of Helping People Find and Follow Jesus in Central Michigan.  Our vision is to create a church that people who have given up on God or the church will find irresistible.  It is through your financial generosity that we are able to fund our mission, vision, and ministries.


Generosity Rockstar

Become a Generosity Rockstar at Thrive Church by committing to give at least $20 per week through an online, recurring, scheduled donation!

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Building Fund

We believe that God is calling us to create a permanent home for Thrive Church in Central Michigan.  Our dream is to create a community space that is available 24/7, making an impact in our area.  Your financial giving toward this dream help prepare us for the moment God makes this dream a possibility!

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The Shoe Project Fund

The Shoe Project exists to present kids with the gift of a brand new pair of shoes.  Your financial gift allows us to fund the distribution of shoes to every child in a local elementary school.  This project not only meets the tangible needs of children who need assistance in our community, it also allows them to see the love of God on display in a powerful way!

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Youth Scholarship Fund

We believe that students are world changers!  Our Youth Scholarship funds opportunities for youth in our community to attend retreats, summer camps, and events specifically focused on helping students find and follow Jesus on their level.

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