What is Chi Alpha?

Unlike our Greek name, we are not a part of the Greek life. We are Not a Frat, we are Not a Sorority, we are Chi Alpha at CMU. We Follow Jesus and we Live Life Together. Welcome Home.

XACMU Strives to be the home away from home for as many students as possible. We believe in being the hands and feet of Jesus here on Central Michigan Univsersity's Campus. Whatever awesome plans God has for CMU we just want to be a part in them. 

The Gathering

Free Food. Family. Fellowship.

Our weekly gathering is our night to come together as one, big Chi Alpha family, spend time together, and grow in our faith.

Pearce 135 at 6:30pm

This semester we are taking a look at the "Basic" series with Francis Chan. We will talk about God, The Holy Spirit, and following Jesus, and begin to break down the way that Jesus intended for the Church to be.



Core Groups

The purpose of the XACMU Core groups is to really get students connected with a family. Core groups are our main way of following Jesus and truly living life together as the Chi Alpha Family. Find a core group that works for you and start living life on mission today.

XA's Core Groups

Girl's Core Group:  Tuesdays at 8pm - Robinson
Guy's Core Group Tuesdays at 8pm - Robinson

Girl's Core Group:  Wednesdays at 8pm - Troutman Lounge

Girl's Core Group:  Thursdays at 8pm - Sweeney Lounge
Guy's Core Group: Tuesdays at 9.30pm - Sweeney Lounge

Want to connect with a Core Group or Core Group Leader? We have several Core Groups that meet around CMU's campus.  Contact us today to connect with a Core Group.

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Our XA House:
418 W. Broomfield St. Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858