Only God Series

Do you ever feel like miracles only happen in the Bible? Or, do you ever feel like miracles only happen for other people and never you? The bible is filled with miracles and honestly, if we open our eyes and maybe redefine what miracles are, we might begin to experience them as well. The entire month of July we're going to explore 'ONLY GOD' miracle moments from all over the Bible and see how those miracles can teach us so much about our faith.

Join us each Sunday at 9:00 or 10:15am at Celebration Cinema in Mt Pleasant!

ONLY GOD - Part 1: Sun Stand Still
Jason Raitz, July 7th, 2019

We focus in on the miracle of the sun standing still and fail to see the miracle that precedes it: Joshua showed up, worked hard, and did the next right thing. The whole world united against him and he acted. This action WAS AN ACT OF FAITH that God would show up, and God did. If we do the hard work of showing up and doing the hard work of our everyday lives, God shows up and does the miraculous that we cannot do. But if we hesitate to actively live and wait for the miracle, we won't see it.

ONLY GOD - Part 2: Cross The Sea
Dave Shephard, July 14th, 2019

When we encounter dead ends in life, it is easy to panic and loose our cool. But the story of the Red Sea crossing gives us some solid advice when we encounter the impossible: STOP, STAND, and LOOK. Stop the anxious responses, Stand where you are and take a breath, know that God is with you. Then LOOK for the path through the impossible, it will appear at the right time and you will walk through your impossible dead end on dry ground.

ONLY GOD - Part 3: Firey Furnace
Dr. Tom Rundel & Jon Striftler, July 21st, 2019

Suffering is a part of being human, but most of us spend so much energy trying to avoid it, which paradoxically increases the amount of suffering we experience. The Bible shows us a different way: the way of courage. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego face their difficulty with courage, not expecting to be preserved. Their courage brings them face to face with God IN the furnace. And on the other side the people look amazed at God who sets them free, unbound and unscorched.

ONLY GOD - Part 3: Lower The Mat
Makaela Grinzinger, July 28th, 2019

Our job as followers of Jesus has never been about sitting back and watching miracles happen. Our job is to actively be a part of the work that God is doing all around us. This passage in Mark depicts this beautifully as the mattress is lowered to the feet of Jesus.