Next Steps

Whether you are brand new to this whole church thing, or you've been following Jesus for years, everyone has next steps! During this series we take a look at a core values as a church and challenge you to find and take the next step in your personal faith journey.


Part 1 -  Think Bigger
October 8, 2017

Many people live their life on autopilot. When they get a glimpse of their own potential they kill it with excuses. They outsource crafting a vision for their life to others: boss, spouse, parent, etc... and never tap into the desires and dreams that God has already given them in order to craft a vision for their life.

Join us for this series where we will learn to take our lives off of autopilot and create a new vision for our lives where God fills us with all we need to fully live.

Part 2 - Reach Out
October 15, 2017

When you are found, you come alive inside. This life is contagious to those not yet free. Many people fall back into slavery mindsets forgetting the Christ has set them free. Life is replaced with religious do's and don'ts which demands conformity. But it is never too late to pursue freedom again and become contagious.

Part 3 - Be Known
October 22, 2017

In order to fulfill your mission in life you need the support of a community who knows you, loves you, and challenges you. Many people do not become known out of fear they are not loved, and never feel the challenge to step up in life. They loose the contagious Life of freedom.

Part 4 - Get Unstuck
October 29, 2017

Coming to Jesus is just the beginning. God starts a work to remake us into who He intended us to be from the beginning. We get to participate in this transformation by living the kind of life Jesus taught us to live. Fueled and led by God's Spirit.

Part 5 - Open Up And Let Go
November 5, 2017

God is the most generous being in the universe. He is constantly giving out grace, love, mercy, and provision. He never stops. And we are image bearers of this generous God, so we too reflect generosity in all we do, knowing that you cannot outgive God. We are generous with our time, talents, and treasures, knowing that they are all resources for our life's mission.

Part 6 - Find Meaning
November 12, 2017

When we change, God sets us on mission to take the change to the world and work to bring God's Kingdom into reality. Where there is injustice, evil, hatred, hurt, etc... we are to bring God's light and healing we received from him in our own journey.

Part 7 - Live Long Term
November 19, 2017

Our faith journey is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. We are in this for the long haul. Jesus sets us up for this journey by giving us a clear picture of why we can trust him with the rest of our lives. If you know your why you can endure any how.