We believe that every life tells a story, every story matters to God. Stories can bring help, hope, and encouragement to those that hear them.

We value those stories and love to share those to help people find and follow Jesus in Central Michigan!
Would you consider sharing yours with us today?

Share your story!

Because every person’s story matters and can help change lives!

What do I do?
Tell us how your life has been touched or impacted by something you’ve experienced through Thrive Church and God’s work in your life.

If you like to write, use the form below to share your story!
If you prefer to tell your story, share a link to your 1-3 minute story with us at info@thrivechurchmi.cc!

Need a starting place?
Try some of these questions…

  • How has your life changed since you decided to follow Jesus?

  • What has God challenged you in, and how has that changed you?

  • When did you decide to follow Jesus? Why?

  • Who has played a big part in your relationship with Jesus?

Shoot us a message at info@thrivechurchmi.cc
We’ll be in touch to help quickly!


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