We all feel like Misfits sometimes, but God welcomes us into His family with open arms. During this series we explore how God has a plan for each and every one of us, no matter how our of place we might feel.


Part 1 -  Underdogs
December 3, 2017

God has a history of picking the underdogs, from Jacob the second born, to Israel the nomad slaves. Mary and Joseph are underdogs right from the start. Poor, unwed pregnancy, and ostracized in the community, God uses this lowly couple to bring his Messiah into the world. He still sides with underdogs today so that His strength and glory can shine through, and people declare, "only God."

Part 2 - God Uses Misfits
December 10, 2017

God chose some misfit Shepherds in the middle of the night on the outside of a small insignificant town to give the long awaited message of the Salvation of the world. They become the first people to spread the Good news, which caused awe in a whole town. God still uses misfits to do significant things. The people who don't fit into society's predesigned slots are the only ones to ask if those slots are the best ones to move us forward, then they change the world.

Part 3 - Outsiders
December 17, 2017

God has a heart for the outsider. Anna and Simeon did not fit in with the crowds outside the Temple and spent their days close to God's heart and offered the blessing for Jesus at his dedication. The reason we feel like an outsider is because we have a hard time fitting in to the perception of "normal." But since every human is unique, there is no such thing. Those who embrace their outsider-ness come closer to God and in return, bring God's grace to us who keep failing to fit in.