Summer is a time for playing outside and soaking up the sunshine. To enhance your summer play, we often choose music to jam to while we drive, cook, and play. The Book of Psalms is an entire book of the Bible dedicated to songs and poetry, perfect for your summer soundtrack.

Join us each Sunday in June at 9 or 10:15am at Celebration Cinema for this powerful series.

Julyapalooza! - Part 1: A Song for Guidance
July 1, 2018

There are usually two paths before us, the path of wisdom and the path of the wicked. When we consistently choose the path of wisdom, we grow strong like a tree by a river.

Julyapalooza! - Part 2: A Song for Trust
July 8, 2018

There are many seasons a soul walks through in life: dark times and light times, hostile times and peaceful times, times of life and times of death. God accompanies us through them all.

Julyapalooza! - Part 3: A Song for Faith
July 15, 2018

Sometimes God is felt and active. Sometimes God feels distant and inactive. Faith embraces the belief that God is present, even in the silence.

Julyapalooza! - Part 4: A Song for Help
July 22, 2018

Life can quickly become overwhelming. God empowers and strengthens our souls to handle what is before us. We can cry out for help, and God will always help.

Julyapalooza! - Part 5: A Song for Hope
July 29, 2018

Our last message from our Julyapalooza series. Sometimes it may feel as though God has left us, or help is far from us. But Hope clings to God knowing that the story is not done yet. God has a plan.