Thrive Church exists to help people find and follow Jesus. Over the last 5 years we have built a community around this mission. So what does it look like to be a follower of Jesus here at Thrive? There are five values that we hold dear as a community: We believe that you can't do life alone, that growing people change, that found people find people, that you can't outgive God, and that saved people serve people.

Join us each Sunday in June at 9 or 10:15am at Celebration Cinema for this powerful series.

I LOVE MY CHURCH - Part 1: Church Is Family
August 5, 2018

Church is a place where we can focus and funnel of all our individual gifts, knowledge, experience, and compassion toward powerful goals we could never accomplish alone. Community strengthens us, aligns us, connects us, and enables us to live selflessly.

I LOVE MY CHURCH - Part 2: My Church Is Challenging
August 12, 2018

Church is a place where we can hear other's viewpoints which differ from ours, and hear the stories of other's lives which were different than ours. Change happens when we exit our self-sufficient thinking, learn humility, and practice love toward another. Growing people change.