We often think that you have to be super human to be a super hero. But heroes come in all shapes and sizes. In this series we look at a hero from the Bible, culture, and our own church to help us see how we can be a hero with the everyday ordinary lives we lead, simply by becoming more human.

Join us each Sunday in June at 9 or 10:15am at Celebration Cinema for this powerful series.

Heroes - Part 1: Nehemiah
June 3, 2018

We're building something, together. It's easy to get distracted by opposition, entertainment, or responsibility and forget the big picture of our life. But we can intentionally invest ourselves into a community to produce Big Change.

Heroes - Part 2: Hannah
June 10, 2018

Our time, talents, and treasure are all gifts from God. We are blessed to be a blessing. Hannah was blessed with a child after she thought she could have none, and she dedicated that child back to God who grew up to become a major leader in the nation of Israel.

Dad Fest & Heroes - Part 3: Moses
June 17, 2018

Moses encounters God, yet still doubts. Many of us do not know the place of doubt in our journey of faith. We can learn from Moses, how to be a skeptic, but not become debilitated by our doubts. Instead use them to honestly integrate faith into areas recently untraversed within us.