Get Lit Series

Jesus entering human history was a game changer. The world sat waiting in the darkness for the promised messiah. Then Jesus came. He is the light of the world, and that light brought us hope. Now that hope lets us shine with joy, service, and sharing.

Join us each Sunday at 9 or 10:15am at Celebration Cinema.

Get Lit - Part 1: Get The Party Started
December 2, 2018

The kick-off of our new series, Get Lit, Get the Party Started, Jason Raitz; December 2, 2018. In the Old Testament, wine was a symbol of joy. It was used at weddings to symbolize the joy and abundance of life together. The wedding feast in this story was like the world under the curse of death before the Light entered, out of Joy. Jesus converting water to wine was a clear message of hope that he was coming to bring the Joy back to our world.

Get Lit - Part 2: Hope Lights Up Your Community
December 9, 2018

Speaker Jon Strifler. In ancient times there was a system of hierarchy with slaves and servants on the bottom. They were considered less than human. For Jesus to kneel before his students with a towel around his waist and wash their dusty feet was an act of humility unprecedented. Jesus did so to erase the hierarchy of human value and level the playing field. He tells us to go and do likewise.