Esther is a book about raising your voice to make a difference. To speak your voice is not the same as giving someone a piece of your mind. One comes from a deep place of truth based on who God created you to be, the other is a knee jerk reaction of anxiety. In Esther, we see the power of King Xerxes and Haman on display but we see true power in the characters of Queen Vashti, Esther, and Mordeccai. The series divides the book into four parts, Chapter 1-3 shows how your voice singles you out when Queen Vashti stands up to the King by refusing to parade herself around. Chapters 2-3 shows the power of Esther's unspoken voice when she speaks out. Chapters 4-7 shows how Esther's spoken voice brings about justice. Chapters 8-10 shows how Mordecai's voice left a mark on history by influencing the courage of a young woman.

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FEARLESS - Part 1: The High Cost
Dr Tom Rundel - January 6, 2019

The Beginning of Esther is a comparison of power: True vs False. The King has the authority of riches, admiration, and position. His power is dependent upon these external things, and thus revealed as weak. Queen Vashti has a power that comes from an internal source of strong character, revealing it to be true. She makes a stand which costs her a crown, but leaves a mark on the rest of history.

FEARLESS - Part 2: Your Voice Empowers
Jason Raitz; January 13, 2019

Mordecai is an empowerer. He raises his voice to empower Esther to speak against a great injustice. Esther in turn uses her voice to empower the whole community to own the situation at hand. The community is then aimed in prayer toward bringing about justice. Empowerment multiplies influence and brings about real change in the world.