Do Good

Jesus has called us to Do Good! 

To put our Love into action. He modeled it. He was cloaked in Kindness. He spent time with the suffering. He loved the unloveable. 

Join us each Sunday in March at Celebration Cinema at 9 or 10:15am as we learn how we can put our love into action and do good.


Do Good - Part 1: Love Like A Samaritan?!?
March 4, 2018

The priest, wrapped up in personal holiness, the levite wrapped up in service for God, both miss out on the opportunity to do what God really wants. A Samaritan, despised by the people of Jesus' day for his race and religion, becomes the unlikely and shocking hero of the story where Jesus speaks: Self-sacrificing Love is Law.


Do Good – Part 2: Cups of Cold Water
March 11, 2018

In a world where all of the overwhelming problems of injustice and hatred are mingled in with funny cat videos on our phones, it is easy to think, "there is nothing I can do." But Jesus tells us to start small with whomever is in front of us and that is enough for today. What is your cup of cold water to give?

Do Good – Part 3: Shine like Stars
March 18, 2018

Stars in the ancient world were essential to everyday life. They were used to navigate, calculate seasons, and remember important stories. We, like stars, should also be essential to the flourishing of our community. We Do Good because it points to what God is like. And when we practice the humble kindness of God, we stand out like shining stars in the midst of a dark world.