Do Good Series

Church is God's “Plan A” for this world's rescue. We know this place is broken and we all long to see redemption and restoration happen. But why doesn't God DO something? Well God did. God made you and placed you in community with others. This is God's plan to reach out the the Least, the Lost, and the Last. So often church becomes a calendar event, a club we belong, or another to-do on my already over stuffed schedule. This results is an apathetic response to church, because it was about "me," and I can figure "me" out on my own. But it is so much bigger than that...

Join us each Sunday at 9:00 or 10:15am at Celebration Cinema.

DO GOOD - Part 1: The Least
Jason Raitz, March 3rd, 2019

Our world is filled with hurting people who do not possess the ability to stand up and walk into the future as healthy and whole individuals. In Acts 3 we find a man who is born unable to walk. Peter walks by and saw his need and gave him healing human contact. We can offer other's the same healing that God has done in us. Sometimes the healing is physical, often times the healing is emotional and spiritual.

DO GOOD - Part 3: The Last
Jason Raitz, March 3rd, 2019

Societies have always had people who are accepted and people who are forgotten. And Christians have always been the group to seek out the people who have been excluded and forgotten and make a place for them in the center of their community life. Church is a place where humans are accepted on the level ground of the cross.