90 Day Bible Reading Challenge

Starting on July 1st!!

We are going to get into the habit of reading the bible together as a Church!!

So, are you in? We sure hope so!! 

Here is how it works:

Each Sunday you get an email with an encouragement and introduction to the week’s readings, a reading schedule for the week, some reminders on a process of how to read the Bible, and some cool Bible Project videos which act as tutorials on on different aspects of the Bible, from intros to the books we are reading, to guides through the stories and themes and important words used in the Bible. They are really fun and informational.

By the end of the reading plan our peeps will have read most of the Psalms, the book of Proverbs: twice! The Gospel of Mark and Luke, plus Acts, Romans, and 1 John. 

What YOU can do:
Sign up via the button below.

Share the link on your Facebook wall and encourage your peeps so sign up

Post pics and updates of your reading progress wit the hashtag: #Thrive90dayBiblereadingPlan